Our in-depth electives on Saturday afternoon are one of the best times of learning on personal and specific topics. 

Go To Your Room!

Kevin Giannotti

They can be annoying, caring, out of touch, supportive, weird, hilarious, embarrassing, loving, strict, and trusting...all in the same day. Yeah, we're talking about your parents. Let's talk about why these relationships are actually important, how to get them to nag you less, and some practical things you can do to honor them without losing your cool.

Finding Light In the Darkness

Tom Wolff

Statistics continue to reveal the increase of depression and suicide among youth—in fact suicide is now reported to be the second leading cause of death in young people worldwide. We are surrounded by a culture steeped in anxiety, stress, depression, and self-injury—and all these things exist as much in the church as outside of it. Is that ok? Shouldn’t we be the people who have some answers for these situations or is this just life for all of us? Does God offer us a way out of any of this or is it as hopeless as it sometimes feels? Let’s talk about it.

She's Called to Serve

Heather Henderson

All of us who are followers of Jesus are called to serve Him, wherever we are. Some of us are called to serve him in vocational ministry, working in churches, missions, or other ministry opportunities. Many women and girls find themselves wondering if God has called them to ministry. How do you know if that could be you? If you’re interested in vocational ministry, what steps should you take? How can ministry be unique for women? What needs to happen in your heart and in your life, if you’re interested in vocational ministry?

When Following God Sucks

Amanda Weikel

"Follow God," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. Did they tell the whole truth? Whether you've been following God for a while or are still trying to figure out if Christianity is something you really want to commit to, this workshop examines the price of following God, and provides hope if you're feeling over the Christian thing. Because let's face it, sometimes following God sucks.

Relationships Matter

Toni McFadden

Like every other human, you can't survive without relationships. But the decisions you make now about those relationships matter. The choices you make around relationships, break-ups, and sex will shape you as an adult. Toni knows the power of overcoming her own past and setting a new foundation for herself. In this workshop, she will help you handle forgiveness, receive redemption, and look mistakes in the face without allowing them to hold you back.

Beloved, Be Free: Becoming Who You Were Created to Be

Elisa Pullliam

Do you really believe that you are loved by God? Do you struggle to live comfortable in the skin you’re in, feeling like you’re never enough and always too much? These are the struggles Lisa has wrestled through along with the hundreds of teen girls and women she has coached and mentored over decades in ministry. That struggle doesn’t have to be forever. Lisa's experienced God's healing work enabling her to believe that she is loved by God and can be His love to others. She is enough. And so are you. With transparency and authenticity, she unpacks the biblical principles and processes that led to that transformation, conveying how God redeemed her childhood marred by abuse and rescued her from a life of dysfunction, creating a brand new legacy of faith and love. This message is steeped in hope and realistic life application for every girl and every woman who needs to know she is indeed the beloved of God.

Influencer Status

Clare Bubniak

Social media is filled with big influencers who try to get you to do what they want you to do, but they have nothing on Jesus. Jesus gained 5000 followers in one day and He threw in free fish sandwiches! #Winning! As Christ followers, is our goal is to be influencers for Jesus? We’ve seen people try everything from preaching on street corners and handing out pamphlets, to debates and demonstrations, and many things in between. Do these strategies work? This workshop will use the example of Jesus and what we know about the way we think to explore how we can change the world.

Controlling Tech

Ryan Arnold

Your phone is an amazing tool. It has tremendous power for genuine connection, creativity and expression. But it can also be your biggest distraction. Knowing how to manage tech is one of the toughest challenges of our modern world. Research is racing to understand the impacts of technology on humanity. The discoveries might surprise you and go deeper than you realize. How do you control tech without being controlled by it? Let's talk about it together.

What I Wish I Knew

College Student Panel

As a student with information coming at you from every direction, it can be hard to process it all. Wouldn't it be nice to hear from a slightly older and wiser you to help you grasp the really important stuff? We've gathered college students to give you their best advice on what they wish they knew when they were in middle or high school. We're talking juicy nuggets of real wisdom here! Come with your questions for this interactive panel.

I Just Came for the Snacks — Youth Leader Workshop

Adam Flora

This is a workshop for leaders working with students that simply don’t care! Whether they came for a girlfriend, the snacks, or were dragged by a friend, we will be talking through practical techniques on how to engage with students that would frankly prefer doing something else with their time. Come ready to share, debate and maybe even learn something.