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Find out who's lighting up your world from the main stages this year.

Jeff Walling

Middle School Speaker


For more than 20 years, Jeff has been speaking before thousands each year in inspirational and motivational workshops and seminars across the globe. Having preached for some of the largest churches in the country, he is regularly called on to keynote for youth conferences. His international speaking schedule has taken him to lecture on five continents including a tour in South Africa, seminars in Japan and Australia, and presentations at the Kiev Polytechnical Institute in the former Soviet Union.


Jeff serves as Pepperdine's Director of the Youth Leadership Initiative, working to raise up the next generation of young Christian leaders. Jeff and his wife Cathryn have three sons and a two daughters-in-law: Taylor and Courtney, Riley and Megan, and Spencer.

Madison Christian Band 
Middle School Worship


Making a second appearance at PCTC, we're excited to welcome back Madison & her band!


Coming in from from Joplin, MO Madison & her band have had the honor of leading worship for events like Engage, Believe, and Mix and we are incredibly excited to be a part of PCTC again this year. They are passionate about bringing praise and glory to God, we love students, and we get excited about students worshipping their Creator.

Dan Smith
High School Speaker

Dan Smith, a.k.a. “The Replacement Beastie,” is a rapper, storyteller-preacher, and comedy-writer. Smitty was born and raised in the Buckeye State, but he didn’t grow up in a religious home. His family literally never went to church – which gives him a pretty unique perspective on faith.

In 2005 he led the team that started Momentum Christian Church – a multisite “church for people who don’t like church” – in Cleveland, OH. He’s a nationally-known speaker who uses vivid parables, creative videos, live music, and comedy to teach students adults about character, leadership, wise choices, and Jesus. Smitty’s music has been seen on CNN, Yahoo!, VH-1, and many other less-cool shows. His wife, Shannon, and three kids (Zion, Azlan, & Journey) all find him mildly funny. He enjoys weight lifting, running, photobombing, daddy dates with his kids, NFL football (Browns & 49ers), NBA (Cavs), Ohio State football, creepy movies, Halo & Destiny on Xbox, audiobooks (and books you can touch), Star Wars, pad thai, York Peppermint Patties, & theatre popcorn with fake butter.

CCV Worship
High School Worship

CCV Worship is the worship ministry of Christ’s Church of the Valley located in suburban Philadelphia, PA.

Led by worship leaders Eric Sumpter and Seth Brown, the CCV Worship collective exists to help a generation of young people become fully devoted followers of Jesus through stimulating and engaging musical expression. Taking inspiration from contemporary pop and electronic production, CCV Worship embraces a music sound infused with all types of elements of alternative rock, soulful gospel blues, booming rhythms, and soaring vocals, creating a compelling worship experience that appeals to Christians and Non-Christians audiences. Having released their debut EP in November of 2018, CCV Worship looks forward to releasing their first live album this year.



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