PCTC has touch countless lives over the last 3 decades. Here are a few recent stories. 

Do you have one to share? Please let us know how PURSUE has impacted you!

PURSUE has impacted me for so many years. This is my 7th and final year as a student, and I wouldn't trade these years for the world. PURSUE is so impacting for people who have been Christians all their life or someone who doesn't know Christ. This event has always been one of the highlights of my year, I feel God's presence every year. I plan to pursue Christ for the rest of my days, this event has helped me make that decision that'll last me an eternity.

PA Teen...

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4 of our girls reluctantly visited the prayer room, not sure what it was all about or how to use it. They planned to stay for five minutes and wound up staying the full 90 minutes we had scheduled. When they were done, all 4 had made decisions for Christ.

Ginny Bonomo

Sweet Valley Church of Christ, Sweet Valley, PA

We had many first-timers, and it was such a perfect and safe environment for them to create connections with each other and our leaders. 

Shala Wilson Graham

The Bridge Church, Silver Spring MD

The after-hours worship was outstanding. We had so many more kids than we expected, and they didn't want it to end.

Cody Muhlenberg

Stillwater Christian Church, PA

I was able to bring my daughter this year and experience the conference through her eyes. She came home tangibly excited, which was a great perspective for me as a parent. 

Scott Ancarrow

The Foundry, Baltimore MD

I keep coming back to PURSUE every time I’m invited. Why?  There are very few conferences like it!  It really has it all: Careful, intentional planning, creative artists and communicators and fun surprises throughout the weekend. 


All of this takes place in one of the nicest and most convenient conference centers I’ve ever seen.  From check-in to check-out, PURSUE delivers a great experience. It’s easy for youth leaders and life-changing for students. And that’s why youth groups all over the east coast keep coming back.

Eric Epperson

Sr. Director, CIY Æffect, Joplin MO

We had some very good discussions with our kids after the sexual identity worship. It opened up some avenues for conversations. It was a difficult topic that was excellently handled. 

Scott Velasquez

Journey's Crossing, Germantown MD

We had two girls who had just started coming to church and  decided to try PCTC as the first thing ever. They had a blast, really experienced God for the first time, and have attended church and youth group every week since.

Kristen Hamilton

Vibrant Church, Harrisburg PA

We had a couple guys come for the "wrong" reasons and wound up making decisions for Christ after the conference. 

Rocky Bonomo

Sweet Valley Church of Christ, Sweet Valley, PA

We had a student join our church's worship team after their experience at the Nightscape after-hours worship. 

David Martin

Church of Christ, Hagerstown MD

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