In the early 80's, a cool guy named Buzz Roberts had a desire to organize a gathering of youth from small churches who otherwise would not have a chance to experience other fellowships. 

Having started similar conventions in two other states, he brought the concept to PA and began the Pennsylvania Christian Teen Convention in 1983. 

565 teens & youth leaders gathered in the Sheraton in State College to learn more about how to follow God and have an awesome time together. 

Since then, PCTC has shifted from Hershey to Camp Hill and landed in Harrisburg in 1993. In 1997, it expanded to two nights. And in 2004, the convention split into a simultaneous Middle School & High School gathering. 

Churches from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut have attended.

In 2015, the name was changed to the PURSUE Christian Teen Conference, allowing the historic "PCTC" name to stick, but expanding the official name beyond the "Pennsylvania" designation. 

Theme: In His Service
President: Buzz Roberts
Location: Sheraton -State College
Speaker: Les Christie & Dennis Herko
Worship: Robbie King
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: Branch
Theme: Keep Holding On
President: Buzz Roberts
Location: Hershey Lodge
Speaker: Tommy Oaks & Dennis Herko
Worship: Don Hamilton
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: Jeremiah People
Theme: Friends
President: Robert Huber
Location: Hershey Lodge
Speaker: Marshall Legget & Larry Bryant
Worship: Don Hamilton
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: Watchmen
Theme: He Is Worthy
President: Will Strunk
Location: Hershey Lodge
Speaker: David Roadcup & Larry Green
Worship: Don Hamilton
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: David Meece
Theme: Come Let Us Worship the King
President: Don Hamilton
Location: Hershey Lodge
Speaker: Dave Lucas, Larry Green & Andy Hansen
Worship: Watchmen, Reflections & Don Whitstine
Theme: Oops
President: Dick Brown
Location: Hershey Lodge
Speaker: David Wheeler
Worship: Rich Mullins
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: Rich Mullins & David Shelton
Theme: Living Stones
President: Paige Mathews
Location: Penn Harris - Camp Hill
Speaker: David Stone & Terry Erwin
Worship: Glad
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: Glad & Covenant Players
Theme: Scum of the Earth
President: Terry Erwin
Location: Penn Harris - Camp Hill
Speaker: Dan Garrett
Worship: Don Hamilton
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: Larry Bryant
Theme: Radical Press
President: Dan Knust
Location: Penn Harris - Camp Hill
Speaker: Jeff Walling
Worship: Rob Grandi
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: Kenny Marks
Theme: Choices
President: Bill Baumgardner
Location: Penn Harris - Camp Hill
Speaker: Mike Breaux
Worship: Tony & Donny
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: Steve Geyer
Theme: Celebrate
Location: Hilton - Harrisburg
Speaker: Mike Baker
Worship: Julie Nevel
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: White Heart
Theme: Iconoclast
President: Willie Downs
Location: Hilton - Harrisburg
Speaker: Tim Jones
Worship: Dan Carson
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: Sparks & Drive Thru Window
Theme: Get Real
President: Jerry Holmes
Location: Hilton - Harrisburg
Speaker: Tommy Oaks
Worship: John Thomas & Jason Oaks
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: Julie Nevel & Drive Thru Window
Theme: Dancing with the Dinosaurs
President: Bob Hart
Location: Hilton - Harrisburg
Speaker: Dick Alexander
Worship: Jay Banks & Tony Wolf
Concert/Drama/Afterhours: Rebecca St. James, Acoustic Grin, Mike Altman
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