Welcome to PURSUE 2019

It’s pretty remarkable.


One moment, one scene, one WORD in a 2009 animated movie instantly embedded itself into our language and has effectively defined the entire concept of “distractions.”


As a marketer, I’m always looking for the simplest way to convey a message. This nails it!


This year, we’re going to start thinking about all the things that distract us in our faith journey. (And along with that, naturally, we’ll take a closer look at that faith walk itself… What’s the simplest way to boil down the thing that Jesus has called us to do?)


Some of our distractions are pretty obvious. Others might be more hidden and may even surprise you. Becoming aware of what competes for our attention will start to reframe how you think about your daily expression of faith.


Can you stay focused? How easy is it for you to be thrown off your game? Get ready for an incredible year of fun and impact whenSQUIRREL!!!


See ya soon.


Matt Steinruck

PCTC 2019 President