On Stage


Chris Travis

Chris Travis lives in New York City with his wife and two little boys, where he teaches math to 5th-graders in an inner city school. He is the author of inSignificant and Unnamed. At different points in his life, he has been a church-planter, an atheist, a pizza delivery driver, a dungeon master, a kung fu student, and a trombone player… you can choose which order you think!


True North Band

True North Worship began in 2005 with the planting of True North Community Church.
Our mission as a church is to Honor God, Love Others, and Serve All; as a band, we fulfill that mission on and off the stage.

Sean is a New York native turned Nashville legend. He is the owner & operator of The Hilson Studio.

Eamonn Vaughan has the coolest name and the coolest hair.

Ryan has traveled to over 30 countries and gotten sick in at least half of them.Matt can see perfectly fine without his glasses but wears them because Buddy Holly is his idol.

“Rullo” (also named Matt) has been playing drums since he was five but couldn’t ride a bike until he was eight.

 Want to feel like you know us even more? He are some true, but ridiculous facts!

Sean got his first tattoo at 13 and had a full-grown beard at 15.Eamonn has an extensive comic collection and can probably convince you that time-travel is real. His IQ is 140.

Ryan knows Ed Sheeran.

Matt has owned every video game console ever made from 1985 – 2017

Rullo is a better guitarist than Matt.

Literally, every guy plays guitar in this band.





Eric Epperson

Eric Epperson is the senior director of Æffect, CIY’s digital resources and film department. Prior to his current role, Eric served as the programming director for CIY’s MOVE program, a nationally touring event for high school students. Eric has collaborated with some of the most creative people in the country to produce events, award-winning short films – such as “Aullido,” best short film at the 2015 Justice Film Festival – and compelling documentaries – such as “Love Costs Everything.” In 2016, Eric hosted Kingdom Worker Week, CIY’s first ever online event. Eric holds a BA from Ozark Christian College and a Master of Arts from the University of Oklahoma. He has studied writing and improvisational comedy at the Second City in Chicago and is the co-founder and owner of Siblings Improv, where he performs regularly and leads corporate trainings on collaboration and teamwork. He currently lives on Route 66 with his wife and two daughters.